Crude oil pipeline in a pipe for river crossings.
Just as double hulls made transporting crude oil by ship safer,
crude oil pipelines crossing rivers need to be safely contained
inside a type of redundant system.
When pipelines are buried
beneath a body of water they are never readily accessible in any
situation much less in an emergency.
With the pipelines above
the river instead of buried below, crews could easily service the
pipeline in emergency situations. Any oil leaks that do occur would
be spotted quickly and the leaking oil carried by the redundant
device to a safe and secure collection area to be contained until
recovered in a clean-up operation.
Crude oil pipeline safety
The recent crude oil spill into the pristine Yellowstone River drives
home the need for a safety system for all pipelines traversing
bodies of water.  We need crude oil and all the things made from
it but we need to protect out natural resources by transporting
it in a safe manner.